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who we are

We are a digital UX consultancy based in Singapore. We have been consulting and handcrafting websites, apps, installation and solutions since 2009. WE/WEAR/GLASSES is jointly founded by creative and UX specialist, Valerie Loh and technological expert and interactive artist, Shang Liang

what we do

We design, write, develop and consult with clients on their digital branding and user experience needs, ranging from simple websites to custom e-commerce and large-scale digital solutions. With every client, we immerse ourselves in their business to uncover the heart of their vision, tell their story and bring their brand to life online. We are always pushing ourselves to find faster, better and more innovative ways to make web design and technology relevant to our clients.

our work

The award winning André Chiang, the brains behind Restaurant André, celebrated his new Michelin Stars with a beautiful website designed and built in collaboration between us and our friends at &Larry, who also recently worked closely with us to facelift their own website.

Our friends at Leia + Lauren have proudly launched their brand new blog cum lifestyle shop that we helped to customize. Earlier, we also worked with Delegate to design and build a revolutionary events planning platform in Singapore and Hong Kong.

We reinvented the website and penned the content for SafeToSleep, a sleep wellness company dedicated to innovating and developing products to help parents and babies sleep better and we crafted the brand story and website for leading fibre optics specialist Ospicon.

We have had the honor to work with brands and agencies such as &Larry, Allianz, Discovery Channel, Kinetic, Millennium & Copthorne, MTV, Singtel, Ogilvy, Unilever, UOB, Volkswagen and many others.

For our freshest work, please join us for a lovely cup of coffee so we can tell you more about it in person.

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